Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone Auctioned for $100,000

Relax. Current iPhone auctions aren't remotely profitable, unless the auction is in the name of charity. got the scoop regarding the latest Keep a Child Alive auction whose mission is to raise money to provide medicine and support services for children dying of AIDS in Africa. Alicia Keys will personally present the winning bidder with his uber-expensive iPhone at the Black Ball in New York, which will be honoring Bono on October 25th.

One anonymous, yet generous bidder (going by 'ccerc') wrote a big check for $100,000 for an iPhone purchased by film director Spike Lee at Apple's Soho Store in New York. According to the eBay page, the package also includes two Jawbone headsets, a special celeb voicemail, two round trip domestic flights, and two VIP passes to the Black Ball. While I'm glad the money is going to charity, I still can't get over the fact that someone paid $100,000 for an iPhone. An iPhone!

I guess this bidder's friends can't really complain about how expensive the iPhone is now...

How do you top that?

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