Saturday, September 24, 9707

'Just desserts' for Swiss drivers

Person eating chocolate

The roadside rewards may have safe drivers licking their lips

Traffic police in Switzerland have been handing out sweet rewards during a 24-hour "thank you" to safe drivers.

Motorists in the western region of Fribourg can expect a traditional gift of Swiss chocolate - but only if they pass roadside checks.

The aim is to reward good drivers, many of whom may have been pulled over more than once during a six-month campaign in the wake of a number of accidents.

The 100g chocolate bars are embossed with the police force coat of arms.

Police in the Fribourg canton clearly believe the carrot - or in this case the chocolate - is better encouragement to safe driving than the stick.

But beware drivers without tax, insurance, or licence, or those who may have been drinking - they can expect the full weight of the law - and not just today, but all year round.

Cruise film banned from memorial

Actor Tom Cruise and the makers of his new movie have been banned from filming at the location in Berlin where an army colonel was executed in World War II.